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"The Works (film)" on Wikipedia.
A great starting place that covers all the basics. Also has partial credits for the film.

"Inside 'The Works'" by Suzanne D. Prince, Computer Pictures magazine, March/April 1983 (archived 2017).
An article detailing the behind-the-scenes of making the film, from when it was still being produced.

"Out of This World" by Joseph C. Panettieri, NYIT Magazine, 2004 (archived 2004).
A retrospective article about life at NYIT's Computer Graphics Lab.

Some other articles include Galería 3D's Spanish article from June 2010, which does not include any sources. There's also Lost Media Archive's page on The Works. Both of these contain similar info to previous sources.


"The Works (NYIT, 1984), 1:21, uploaded by galeria3D, 10 February 2009.
A scene depicting robots building a strange dish. This is the only seemingly finished scene that I know of, with its own soundtrack faintly heard.

"The Works", 2:23, uploaded by Rich S, 16 October 2013
A trailer or demo reel compiling various animations, set to "Impact" by Patrick Moraz.

"N.Y Tech Computer Graphics lab demo reel 1982", 21:57, uploaded by mattrharris1, 22 June 2014.
A lengthy demo reel showcasing various graphics made by the lab. At 16:50 is a clip of the ant extending its antennae.

NYIT's 1986 demo reel (*flashing warning*) includes brief clips from The Works, but nothing new, just in slightly different quality. Likewise, the short film "3DV" (*flashing warning*) (also by NYIT CGL, from 1984 or '86) has a trailer for The Works with the same footage but an added voice-over and music.
The first 30 seconds of the music video for Slow Things Down by Craig Taubman includes an ad for a fake TV series featuring Dick Lundin's mechanical ant model, but there's no connection otherwise.

Sites & Galleries

Pictures from the New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab, by Paul Heckbert, June 1998.
Great high-quality images from The Works and other projects made at NYIT CGL. Links to other info & sites as well.

New York Institute of Technology, by Wayne Carlson (archived 2001).
A list of staff from NYIT CGL and some interesting pictures (click the "image" icon to be redirected to the actual image).

The Works, by Rebecca Allen.
Rebecca Allen's portfolio site featuring a slideshow of high-quality The Works-related images.


Byte magazine "High Resolution Graphics", Volume 05 number 11, November 1980.
Ipso Facto & the ant are featured on this magazine cover. The Works is also mentioned on page 4.

The Works on the Lost Media Wiki.
A wiki page discussing the movie and its plot. Under "References" is linked the screenplay.

"The Works" script by Lance Williams, 1978.
A link to the screenplay on Google Drive. It's 83 pages long and 231MB large, in the form of scans of the physical pages. No preview is available so you have to download it to read it.

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