Welcome to my unofficial website for "The Works", the unfinished film from the 1980s that would have been the first fully-CGI-animated film.
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Questions, complaints, suggestions, contributions? Feel free to e-mail me at LucidLunarBeast [at] gmail [dot] com, or message me on any of my social medias!

♦ Update History ♦

5 December 2022

  • Made the button for the script larger.
  • Removed the Construction bot from this page (bye!)

19 June 2022

  • Uploaded the script in text form! Now it can be read in a browser.

27 May 2022

  • The script is back up on Drive under a different link, whoopee! So the Resources page has been updated again.

24 May 2022

  • Added 3DV to the list of videos

21 May 2022

  • Added Navigation panel to the Characters page
  • Added Script button even though I haven't finished converting it to text yet
  • It seems the script is no longer available on Google Drive, so the Resources page has been edited to reflect that. ::-[

20 May 2022

  • Edited Navigation panel yet again
  • Added the updated panel to more pages for consistency

22 April 2022

  • Fiddled with the Navigation panel
  • Made buttons fancier

20 April 2022

  • Aligned text on the About page to the left because I think it's easier to read that way
  • Added a graphic to the 404 page

19 April 2022

  • Finished bios for all characters with images! (There are a few characters from the script not on that page... Yet)
  • Reorganized some things on the Resources page slightly
  • Added tables of contents

18 April 2022

  • Still editing Characters but I think I'm almost done...
  • Added a "No image" image (lol)
  • Edited About page with some more info

15 April 2022

  • Chugging away at the Characters page
  • Added a link to the download of the script to Resources

14 April 2022

  • Tweaked several pages
  • Created "Characters" page & changed its CSS
  • Added more info to the About page, including a Credits section
  • Slowly adding tables of contents...

13 April 2022

  • Added a Navigation panel
  • Added more resources
  • Changed link colours
  • Created "About" page

12 April 2022

  • Created "Resources" page
  • Added my own button ::~]
  • Added this Update panel

11 April 2022

  • Website created!
  • Added background

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